We went to South Sudan to make a documentary for an NGO called "Jóvenes y Desarrollo" (Youngs and Development), in which we wanted to portray the difficulties of women in an new born country.
We were psychologically prepared to find, in the poorest country of Africa, a big deal of sadness, despair and unhealthy conditions. What we found is, that even this  very difficult condition, people is amazing,  kind, they smile all the time, and "our" women were incredible good to us, opening their homes and caring for us in all ways. They have nothing after 40 years of war. No running water, no electric supplies, not enough vaccines. 
But our travel changed completely our mind about what "poor" means, and I found out that, not having as materials things as I do, they are a lot richer then me.
Opening of the Mazzarelo Women Promotion Centre, where Women can learn Crafts, Agriculture, Cooking, Sewery and othre skills that will help them to have a job and an independent life
"Our" women showed us their homes, and theri ways of living
Sister Bibiana FMA during the Agriculture Class at the Mazzarello Women Promotion Center
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